Are You a Candidate for a Neck Lift in Toronto?


One of the first questions you’ll need to answer before undergoing a neck lift in Toronto is, “am I a good candidate?” The neck and decolletage area can betray a person’s age, no matter how smooth and youthful their face looks. It may be the first area you see a little sagging and crepeyness appear. The dreaded “turkey neck” is the primary reason for neck lift surgery.

When you look in the mirror, are you seeing the signs that make you a candidate, or would a different procedure suit you best?

Neck Lifts in Toronto—What They do

1. Double Chin Improvement

Though a person may have excess fat deposits removed from under the chin during a neck lift, it’s not likely to be the recommended approach if the skin in the area is still firm. Especially for younger clients, if the main concern is a weak chin or extra fat in the submental region, liposuction or injectable fat reduction treatments will be suggested first.

2. Defined Jawline

Losing volume in the cheeks with age, or due to weight loss, can mean the development of jowls and a wider, softer lower face.

A neck lift in Toronto can help to add definition to the jawline, but will usually complement a lower facelift for best outcomes.

3. Smooth, Toned Neck Skin

Because of a natural breakdown of collagen over time, many people notice the neck skin becomes thinner and saggier with age. The underlying platysmal muscles weaken and form cords or bands as well.

Those who complain of drooping skin on the neck itself often make ideal neck lift patients. The skin laxity can be removed through well-hidden incisions under the chin and near the hairline.

People often feel self-conscious about the vertical bands that form under chins and hanging skin referred to as “turkey neck.” It may be especially discouraging if you take great care of your skin, yet your neck appears older than your face. Each person’s skin changes uniquely as they age. For some, skin integrity, firmness and elasticity will break down faster in some areas and lead to unwanted signs of aging. learn more

4. Platysmal Band Reduction

As natural fat pads diminish, the muscle loses tone and skin thins, platysmal bands which once sat firmly toned and well-hidden under layers now begin to appear.

For moderate to severe vertical neckbands, a Toronto neck lift is useful to tighten them up. Depending on the quality of your skin, this platysmaplasty may be done with or without skin removal.

Non-surgical neck lift solutions

When you schedule a consultation for neck lift, you may discover that there are other, surgery-free solutions you can benefit from instead. Popular choices include:

  • 1. Neuromodulator injections into the platysma can reduce tension and apparent cording/banding in the neck. The treatment must be repeated every 4 months on average to maintain results. This solution may help prevent a worsening of the condition, but it is temporary.
  • 2. Ultherapy is a non-invasive option designed to tighten skin and underlying tissues through stimulation of collagen production. The results it achieves are not as dramatic as neck lift surgery, but they are a popular alternative for early, mild neck issues.
  • 3. Take care to apply your medical-grade skincare treatments to the neck and chest area too. This delicate skin is sometimes neglected. Sun protection and proper skin care can help stave off the signs of ageing.

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