Neck Lift in Toronto: Recovery Timeline


Toronto neck lift -post-surgical timeline

Recovery from neck lift in Toronto can be smooth and straightforward. Also known as a lower rhytidectomy, this cosmetic surgery is designed to reduce visible sagging in the jawline and neck. It’s somewhat less extensive than a facelift, and just a few, small incisions are typically enough to tighten muscle and skin. The neck lift recovery timeline is roughly as follows:

For the first few days at home, you should have nothing social or work-related planned. You’ll want to rest, especially if you’ve had a general anaesthetic which can leave patients feeling groggy. You’ll be provided with the contact number of your OR nurse or surgeon in case you have any concerns after hours. The care after a neck lift isn’t complicated, and you’ll be able to watch TV, read, rest and pass the time with light activity.

Neck Lift Recovery

Be sure to follow all your surgeon’s instructions. You’ll likely be advised to avoid swimming, baths and hot tubs ( along with other sources of infection) until your incisions are healed. You’ll also need to refrain from heavy lifting, working out or tanning. Most neck lift patients wear a soft, compression chin band for 1 – 2 weeks following their procedure. This helps to conform tissue to its new shape and reduce swelling.

Though the discomfort isn’t described as severe, it is recommended that you take pain medication as directed so you feel great and sleep well.

If you’re planning your own neck rejuvenation, understanding what to expect as you heal can help the time pass with less anxiety. Read on to learn more.

During the first week

Most patients describe a sensation of tightness, see mild swelling and bruising. You’ll have medical tape over your incisions and will be given instructions for face-washing. You’ll also be given an appointment date for your first return visit. Any sutures which need removal will be taken out at that time. Sleep with the head of your bed elevated slightly for the first week and perhaps longer. It helps to reduce swelling more quickly. You may feel sensations like tingling or numbness in the treatment area. Bruising and inflammation will naturally come down and you’ll appear much improved after the first week.

Weeks 2-6 after neck lift in Toronto

Most patients return to work and light exercise by the second week. You’ll likely be asked to hold off on strenuous workouts that increase blood pressure significantly for 2-4 weeks. You may be asked to wear your chin compression band for 2 – 4 weeks. After 10-14 days, incisions are well-closed. You’ll be advised to wear sunblock and expect the scars to continue fading over several months.

You can expect to see most swelling completely gone and consider yourself healed by the 6-week mark, though healing nerves sometimes cause tingly sensations or intermittent numbness for months.

You can speed up your recovery

Following all instructions and taking care to reduce stress helps patients heal. Avoiding sources of infection and resisting the urge to touch or scratch incisions is critical.

Get plenty of sleep and ensure your diet is well-balanced, so you have the nutrients you need to recover fast. Don’t hesitate to ask family and friends for help during the first week. Pet and childcare, housework and errands can all be done by someone else during the first week so you can relax.

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