Neck lift in Toronto: 5 Myths and 5 Truths


When it comes to neck lifts in Toronto, as popular as they are, some misconceptions abound. Verso Surgery Centre is home to renowned facial plastic surgery experts who offer neck lift surgery to a diverse clientele. Get the real scoop about facts and myths related to neck lifts.


1. To improve the neck, you need a facelift

Your facial surgeon may recommend a facelift. That depends on your needs, your goals and your in-person consultation. It’s not true that only a facelift can improve the neck, however. Toronto neck lift surgery is designed to be a focused, targeted rejuvenator of neck tissue specifically.

2. If you have a weak chin, you can’t have a smooth, defined neck

Not true. A weak chin may appear like it has less definition and that it blends somewhat with the neck. The combination of a chin implant with neck procedures can achieve dramatic transformation for a person’s lower face and profile.

3. Only older people get neck lifts in Toronto

This is one of our favourite myths to bust. Sometimes young people seek a neck lift when all they need is liposuction for a double chin. However, if collagen and elastin have begun to break down, or if they lost significant body weight, neck laxity affects young people too.

After 40, a person’s neck muscles ( platysmal bands) may require tightening, and skin removal along with liposuction can reveal a smoother, restored neck.

People often feel self-conscious about the vertical bands that form under chins and hanging skin referred to as “turkey neck.” It may be especially discouraging if you take great care of your skin, yet your neck appears older than your face. Each person’s skin changes uniquely as they age. For some, skin integrity, firmness and elasticity will break down faster in some areas and lead to unwanted signs of aging. learn more

4. Neck lifts require weeks off for recovery

All neck lift procedures are typically done on an outpatient basis. The incisions used are small, and most patients only take 3-7 days off to heal fully. A bonus, especially in the fall, winter or spring, is that scarves and higher necked clothing do a great job of hiding the area.

5. A neck lift will stop ageing

While results from a well-done neck lift should last for many years, nothing stops the progression of ageing. You’ll be advised about how to protect and care for your facial and neck skin, so you age gracefully.

Truths you might not know about Toronto neck lifts

  • 1. You can count on nearly invisible scars. If you select a skilled facial surgeon who performs many of these procedures, they’ll be adept in hiding thin, discrete scars that fade over time.
  • 2. As long as you’re in good general health, you can consider this procedure to get the improvements you want regardless of age. Sometimes people notice ageing in this area before others. Today’s advanced cosmetic surgery is designed to customize and target specific improvements at any age.
  • 3. Neck lifts are for men and women. Many guys realize their neck is making them appear older than they are. ( Or wish to look.) If he works hard to slim down and stay in shape, a man may choose a neck lift to complete his youthful, healthy appearance. There’s less of a stigma attached to men having cosmetic surgery today and more regular guys are requesting this popular procedure.
  • 4. This surgery doesn’t necessarily require general anaesthetic. Many faster, less invasive facial cosmetic surgeries can be done using local anaesthetic and IV sedation.
  • 5. You should seek a well-qualified facial plastic surgeon. Regardless of how simple a neck lift sounds, it’s essential you choose an experienced surgeon who focuses their practice on the face and neck. The way to make results appear natural and flawless, and have a smooth recovery, is to choose a leading specialist in this area.

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