Understanding The Costs Of a Neck Lift in Toronto


Toronto neck lift patients often begin the “discovery phase” of their cosmetic procedure planning by looking up prices. It’s not always easy to find a specific amount listed for neck lift surgery because there are variations of the operation, and prices vary between surgeons and locations.

Toronto neck lift price- what will you see on the quote?

In Ontario, most facial plastic surgeons will provide a comprehensive quote. That means the total number will include almost all fees involved, including pre and post-operative appointments. Sometimes a prescription medication and compression garment are billed separately.

When you visit your neck lift surgeon, they’ll discuss the procedure with you, detail all the pros and cons, then develop a personalized plan. If this is the best approach to meet your aesthetic goals, you’ll receive an individual quote and instructions to take the next steps when ready.

The quote may include:

A surgeon’s fee:

Based on their experience, their reputation and the office location, surgeon’s prices vary somewhat.

Anesthesia fees:

Toronto neck lift surgery is done under general anaesthetic or twilight anaesthesia. It’s an outpatient procedure and your bill may reflect costs of a licenced anaesthesiologist, or local and IV anaesthetic. The surgery takes about three hours, but it can be combined with other treatments, extending the time.

Surgical facility fees:

Whether a public hospital or private facility, accreditation and superior operating rooms are costly to run.

Here, we’ll look at the average costs for neck rejuvenation surgery and help you understand how your procedure fees may be broken down for you.

Surgical instruments and equipment:

Everything from sutures to gauze have minor costs associated.

Licenced medical staff:

Fees for nursing staff who will help care for you during and after your procedure.

Pre and post-operative appointments:

You’ll likely have more than one meeting before your procedure day, then at least a few afterward. Follow up care after any cosmetic surgery is essential for ideal outcomes.

The total for a neck lift in Toronto may be anywhere between $6,000- $9,000 ( +HST) on average. Your quote will reflect the length of time and complexity of your procedure.

Medical financing

Many cosmetic surgery clinics offer medical financing options to help patients pay for their procedures. Rather than one large payment, medical loans arrange smaller, monthly payments for the patient’s convenience. At Verso Surgery Centre, we partner with a few excellent financing companies, and we’ll be pleased to put you in touch if interested. Approval is generally fast- within just a few hours in many cases.

What can a neck lift do for you?

Are you a good candidate for a neck lift? Any individual who struggles with sagging neck skin or protruding platysmal bands ( turkey neck) and is in good health, might consider this procedure. Seek out an experienced Royal College certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in the method you want. You can schedule a consultation free of charge at Verso Surgery Centre and find out what exciting options you have to restore a smooth, youthful neckline.

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