How To Find Out If You Are A Candidate For A Neck Lift in Toronto


Are you seeking a neck lift in Toronto? Plenty of time and money are spent focusing on our faces. We have makeup and cosmetic procedures to lift, smooth and restore youthfulness. Often overlooked when planning anti-aging procedures is the neck area.

Everyone ages differently, but for many, turkey neck, otherwise known as platysmal bands, or collections of fat under the chin can cause a person to appear aged. Creases and slack skin under the chin seem to appear out of nowhere, and when they do, the mission to hide them with clothes and clever camera angles becomes a daily challenge.

Neck Lift in Toronto For Double Chin

People can struggle with submental fat whether they’re overweight or not. Sometimes it’s hereditary, due to age, or left over after weight loss. When a person develops a double chin, it can make them appear older than they are and overweight.

If fat deposits alone are your primary neck concern, liposuction will likely be recommended to slim the area. If you also have excess, lax skin, then liposuction alone isn’t sufficient to achieve a satisfactory result. A neck lift in Toronto will allow for fat remove and removal of excess skin and platysmal band repair.

Is A Toronto Neck Lift The Right Procedure For Jowls?

People often seek neck lifting surgery only to discover that it’s a lower facelift they really need. That’s because the jowls appear due to loss of volume and shifting in the midface. A neck lift combined with lower or mini facelift could be the way to go.

Do You Have “Turkey Neck”?

As collagen and elastin break down in our skin over time, loosened muscles called platysma, and sagging skin appear in the neck area.

People often feel self-conscious about the vertical bands that form under chins and hanging skin referred to as “turkey neck.” It may be especially discouraging if you take great care of your skin, yet your neck appears older than your face. Each person’s skin changes uniquely as they age. For some, skin integrity, firmness and elasticity will break down faster in some areas and lead to unwanted signs of aging. learn more

As a result, you develop a sagging neck as the underlying muscles weaken. Many people waste time applying neck serums and potions that just don’t work. Once the integrity and strength of tissue have broken down, topical products cannot restore the strength you need to see improvement.

Vertical bands which appear and can be quite prominent are due to this tissue laxity and separation of the platysma. A neck lift surgery will allow your facial plastic surgeon to tighten and tone the muscle layer, and remove excess skin and fat. Your appearance can be dramatically improved with comprehensive neck treatment.

Incisions for this procedure are often challenging to spot as they are well-hidden under the chin, and sometimes behind the ears. The recovery time will usually involve one week off work and a few activity restrictions until you’re completely healed.

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