What is The Best Age for A Neck Lift in Toronto?


When loose skin, wrinkles and sagging appear on the face or neck, those considering cosmetic surgery may wonder what the best age is for a neck lift in Toronto. Facial rejuvenation surgeries have become far more mainstream and accessible for patients of all backgrounds and ages. While the words, “facelift” or “neck lift” once brought to mind elderly patients, the reality today is far different.

Toronto neck lift- Age ranges

People chose facial plastic surgery for several reasons. Those who lose significant weight at a young age may or may not see their lax neck skin bounce back. Neck skin can develop bands and excess fat deposits, and it may thin and wrinkle with age. The platysmal muscles separate and stand out over time, leading to the problem of “turkey neck.” If facial, jawline and jowl sagging are an issue, the neck usually shows changes too, and this can occur in the 20s or the 70s.

Some people wait many years to finally make the change they want in their face or neck; others choose to intervene early so they can feel better about their appearance at a young age. The choice is personal, and there are a variety of approaches to smooth, tighten and improve the neck areas.

For young patients with a downturned mouth, facial or submental fat deposits or jowls, mini facelift or neck lift in Toronto may be the ideal treatment for long-lasting improvement.

People often feel self-conscious about the vertical bands that form under chins and hanging skin referred to as “turkey neck.” It may be especially discouraging if you take great care of your skin, yet your neck appears older than your face. Each person’s skin changes uniquely as they age. For some, skin integrity, firmness and elasticity will break down faster in some areas and lead to unwanted signs of aging. learn more

Mid-life intervention

Not everyone ages at the same rate, or in the same way. For some, the neck gives away their age while the rest of their facial features are holding up well over time. People re-enter the dating scene in their 40s and 50s or older, and many are still making career moves they need full confidence for. If a smoother, lifted neck would help you feel younger and toned, a neck lift surgery may be right for you.

Do you find yourself hiding your neck in high collar tops or scarves? Plenty of people avoid certain camera angles or avoid being photographed at all because they’re self-conscious about neck bands or wrinkles.

Who makes a good candidate?

Patients considering facial cosmetic surgery should be in good general health. For older clients, there’s no specific limit for the operation, but each individual case is evaluated to ensure the patient will handle anaesthetic well, heal efficiently, and see optimal results. Older clients can have heart rhythm tests and an overall health check to ensure surgery is safe for them.

Younger clients will need to consider the benefits versus risks and ensure that they have a realistic expectation for results. If you did the hard work of losing weight and now excess skin in the lower face or neck bothers you, you’re not alone. There are solutions to help you feel better about your neck, and there’s no right or wrong age.

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